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Apartments Majda - Portoroz, Slovenia


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of Slovenian Coast by
Goran Mrdenovic

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Apartments Majda - Portoroz Piran

Enjoy your holidays in nice apartments in slovenian Coast town Portoroz with many possibilities.

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The house »Majda« boasts three well-furnished apartments in a beautiful, quiet spot right above the Porotoroz and Piran bay. It is only a short walk away from the center of Portoroz and many beautiful beaches.

Apartments Portoroz Piran

To reach the first one you will need just a minute walk. Walking to Portoroz and Piran by the sea is nice and easy, it takes only 10 – 20 minutes. Each apartment has its own exit to a lovely terrace surrounded by Mediterranean flora. Suitable for families and children who want to relax and enjoy themselves without needing a car. Parking a car under the kiwi and grape shade is available to all guests.

Apartments Portoroz Piran

With only 46 kilometres of Adriatic coast Slovenes have to make the most of every centimetre. The result is a coastline dotted with half a dozen or so notable towns, each with its own unique character, strengths and weaknesses. The poetically named Portorož, or Port of Roses, is home to one of the largest modern marinas on the Adriatic and is the undisputed king of Slovenia's coastal tourism trade. Although it lacks the Venetian old towns that can be found else where along the coast, its numerous hotels, restaurants, conference centres, spas and casinos make it a popular destination for both foreigners and Slovenes, and an excellent base for day trips and excursions farther afield.

Piran Pirano

Sea, wind, salt, odours, palms, roses and evergreen plants, relaxation, entertainment and sociability are the terms to introduce Portorož, liing at the Slovenian coastline and at the same time right in the heart of Europe. Different cultures and types of music, nature, gastronomic specialties and a still living history are forming an ambience for perfect relaxation, leaving the daily grind behind. A relaxing seaside promenade, a stimulating beach run, a bath in the Adriatic or in an indoor swimming pool, a beauty or wellness treatment at the spa or sporty acitivities, everything seems to spend new energy.

Nowadays, Portorož is a very popular city with modern indoor swimming pools and a varied offer of restaurants and events. Trips to the surroundings might enrich your days. The coastal towns Piran, Izola and Koper appear as off a fairy tale, with narrow alleys leading to picturesque places with majestic palaces. From the small villages on the hilltops of the hinterland you have a wonderful view on Istria; on bright days you can even admire the Alps. The near Karst offers additional sightseeing occasions, visiting underground caverns and grottos or the famous stud of Lipica, the origin of the royal Lipizzaner.

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Portoroz Piran


Piran, Romantic Coastal Town

Piran, the old seaport lies at the end of the Piran peninsula, a headland stretching between the bays of Piran and Strunjan reaching as far as the Cape Madonna. According to the ancient scientists, the name Piran seems to have arisen from the celtic word ‘bior-dun’, meaning “place on the hill”. Younger sources see it’s explication in the greec word “pyr” – the fire, since the ancient settlement mainly served as a lighthouse for the ships of the neighbouring greec colony Aegidia close to today’s Koper. The city with its narrow alleys, its tightly stringed buildings, ascending steplike from the coastline has kept its medieval layout, its entire adjacencies defining its typical character of the Mediterranean.




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